When you see me covered in paint or glue, I’m practicing how to hold a brush or a pencil.  I’m learning how to cut with scissors and how to work with my hands.  I’m comparing colors and discovering textures.  I’m being a creative thinker.  I may be
an artist or an inventor someday.

When you see me playing with blocks or toy cars or wooden trains, I’m learning about balance and weight and shapes and sizes.
  I’m experimenting with gravity and friction.  I may be
a builder or an engineer someday.
  When you patiently wait at the end of a long work day for me to twist and tuck that last puzzle piece into place, I’m mastering spatial relationships.  I’m problem solving.  I’m learning how to keep myself on task until my work is done.

When you see me cooking, I’m measuring accurately and pouring without spilling (much).
  I’m learning about wet and dry and salty and sweet.
I’m concentrating and following directions.  I may be
a chef or a chemist someday.
When you see me “reading” the dolls a story, I’m mastering new vocabulary.  I’m figuring out the sequence of events.  I’m training my memory.
I’m learning how to express myself and
how to group information so I can repeat it articulately.

Someday I may be President.

When you empty my pockets of funny little bugs or bird feathers or “special” rocks that go bumping round and round in the dryer, know that
I’m an explorer.  I’m investigating the natural world.  I may be
a scientist someday.
When you watch me running and running, jumping, hopping, skipping, throwing, climbing, pushing, pulling, and never sitting still for a single minute, I’m learning how to use my legs and feet and arms and hands and ears and eyes all together.  I may be
an athlete someday.

When my favorite word is “No!” and you’re at your wits’ end, I’m testing my world and the people in it.
  I’m learning about discipline, and I’m learning how to discipline myself.  I’m learning about cause and effect.  I’m learning about autonomy and teamwork.  I’m learning how to share and take turns and speak politely and fit in my world.
When you see me painting, building, digging, and playing, just playing, know that I am working hard, learning how to be kind and persistent and confident and successful.  I’m preparing myself to be the person I’m going to be.