Bugs, Butterflies, Insects, and Spiders (two weeks)


Study butterflies in a butterfly hatchery.
Learn about metamorphosis: caterpillars to butterflies, tadpoles to frogs.
Make caterpillar and butterfly magnets and jewelry.
Build your own bugs - stamp art.

Set up a stick insect terrarium.
Learn about insect and spider anatomy.
Go on a nature walk to find spider webs: cob, funnel, orb, tent, and tube webs.
Build a bee or spider model.
Create spider web art.

Dinosaurs (one week)


Go on a journey through prehistoric time. Study a cast skull of Seymouria, a vertebra from Dimetrodon, a cast tooth from Tyrannosaurus, a fin spine from Edaphosaurus, a cast skull of Thrinaxodon, a cast tooth of a hadrosaur, gastroliths, leaves of various plants, and petrified egg fragments from Hypselosaurus.

Study fossils: trilobites, plants, corals, sea snails, clams, brachiopods, and a mammoth tooth.

Make rubbings of real fossils.
Make your own fossil - plaster cast.
Build a dinosaur diorama.

Food (two weeks)


Tend the vegetable gardens on the playground.
Start a worm bin.
Churn your own butter.
Make your own bread. Make ice cream. (Ice cream social for families July 13th!)
Learn about good nutrition and plan a meal for your family.
Collect healthy recipes from family members and publish a multicultural cookbook.

Water (two weeks)


Study a fish model, fish skeleton, fish scales, and fish bones.
Learn about salmon migrations and visit a fish hatchery.
Learn about conservation.

Learn about the water cycle (hydrologic cycle), the continuous movement of water on, above and below the surface of the Earth.
Make rain.
Learn about the scientific method (hypothesis, observation, data, and conclusion): freeze fresh and salt water; predict and record temperatures; discuss your conclusions.
Set up a fresh water aquarium.

Energy (two weeks)

July - August

Power a clock with vegetables.
Build a solar oven and bake a cake.
Make and fly kites.
Learn about energy resources, renewable and nonrenewable, and visit a hydroelectric dam.

Robotics (two weeks)


Learn about uses for robots under the sea and in outer space.

Build a solar powered plastic bottle boat.
Build a mechanical bug.