The FOSS program incorporates modules and courses available for grades K–8, organized under the strands of Life Science, Physical Science, Earth Science, and Scientific Reasoning and Technology. Most modules and courses are designed to be appropriate for two grade levels, providing flexibility for use at specific grades and facilitating correlation to state and local science frameworks and guidelines.

The use of notebooks allows teachers to integrate other areas of the curriculum into science and connect other curriculum areas in order to maximize teaching time and to provide real opportunities for application of science content and skills. Science notebooks serve as a perfect vehicle to make connections. Science notebooks allow students opportunities to write and reflect on what they are learning. Teachers use science notebooks for formative assessment of students’ process skills, content knowledge, and science attitude.

The matrix below provides a global view of the first through fourth grade FOSS program. For summaries of each individual module and course, click on a title below. Northlake students are studying Solids and Liquids, Balance and Motion, Air and Weather, New Plants, Pebbles, Sand, and Silt, Measurement, and Structures of Life during academic year 2014-2015.