The Iowa Tests of Basic Skills (ITBS) are standardized tests provided as a service to schools by the the University of Iowa. The tests are administered to students in kindergarten through eighth grade as part of the Iowa Testing Programs (ITP). In a cooperative relationship, participating schools receive ITBS test materials, scoring and reporting services and consultation in the use of ITBS for instructional purposes, and ITP utilizes participation by schools in research and test development.

ITBS are written in levels 1-8. Each test level consists of a series of tests administered in content sections with each section designed to measure specific skills. Test levels 5-8 are administered to students from kindergarten through second grade (K-2). Sections for levels 5-8 include: Vocabulary, Word Analysis, Reading Comprehension, Listening, Language, Mathematics, Social Studies (Levels 7 and 8 only), Science (Levels 7 and 8 only), and Sources of Information. Test levels 9-14 are administered to students from third grade through twelfth grade.

Northlake Academy students will be taking the ITBS for their current grade levels in April. Teachers will use the tests to gain information for instructional planning and to establish a basis for annual evaluation of student progress compared to that of students at other area schools and nationally.